Why a Modern Garden Design Offers a Great ROI

Aside from a kitchen and bathroom renovation, recent studies have shown that outdoor landscaping features offer some of the best returns on your investment in increasing the market value of your home. Modern garden features are highly attractive to potential buyers, especially in urban environments. In this article, we’re going to outline a few of the reasons why you should be giving your garden design more attention. 

front yard landscaping

These days, people are getting creative with front yard landscaping designs. Millions draw inspiration from top trending front yard landscaping features each year. Try these captivating themes to maximize the benefits of outdoor living and breathe life into the landscape.

  1. Creeping fig arrangement 

Not all vines come off as a nuisance. Creeping figs, for example, are among some of the most functional ornamental species out there. These decorate magnificent pillars and supporting beams elegantly. They look charming on walls and add a lush character to flower gardens too. 

  1. Elegant terraced lawns 

An idyllic grand entrance, terraced lawns as a front yard design, lends itself to the landscape in an extraordinary way. Whether it’s a playground for the kids or pets or the background for a front yard garden, it’s exquisite. 

  1. Silver carpet walkway

Trending front yard landscaping features like the silver carpet; indulges an adventurer who loathes the lawn routine and dreary concrete walkways. The surface features a robust, drought-tolerant material. It has a high tolerance for foot traffic and harsh environmental elements. As far as compatibility goes, it harmonizes with nature and complements various landscape accessories. 

  1. Picket fence embracing stone-paved walkway

Stoned walkways give homes a tasteful classic appeal. Paired with a low-profile picket fence safeguarding garden shrubs and flowers bordering the lawn, it’s reminiscent of a country cottage retreat. Themes like this appeal to homeowners who appreciate low maintenance landscaping ideas for small yards. What is more, this design is a low-budget option.

  1. Rocky enclave

Front yard landscaping ideas with rocks make a timeless masterpiece. Imagine the embrace of natural, earthy elements, vegetation, and playful foliage. Whether a homeowner chooses to erect arched boulders at the entrance or integrate other materials, these never get old. Stonework has high-resistance capabilities that make it durable and hard-wearing. 

  1. Potted plants 

Gardening can be time-intensive and messy. An alternative is to incorporate potted plants as part of front yard landscaping plans. What to do to incite a familiar sense of euphoric gratitude like planting in the ground? Container (potted) gardening does all this without the labor-intensive aspect and mess. Never tried potted gardening before? Try ornamentals! Plant pots are affordable and give the landscape a complete look. These can complement pave ways and accent the front entrance.

  1. Tree shrubs 

Whether one prefers ornamental dwarf shrubs or king-sized shade trees, these plants can be an attraction. Privacy-style evergreens add a refined touch. Flowering types like weeping trees are more dramatic and animated. 

Trendiest front yard landscaping best practices

There are smart habits and unproductive ones. Even if homeowners adopt trending front yard landscaping features, having the wrong attitude towards the project can ruin everything. Try the following tips to elevate outdoor living in productive ways. 

  • Install sustainable outdoor lighting

Solar-powered lights and Intelligent, energy-efficient LEDs are trendy additions that simplify life. Remote-controlled lighting features include brightness control, on/off timer, and smart color adjustment. 

  • Compost the soil 

Plants need nutrients and healthy bacteria to thrive. Although fertilizers are nourishing, it’s not enough to keep plants healthy long-term.  Mulch and kitchen scraps can make quality compost for plant beds. The recommended frequency for compost treatment is semi-annually in warm climates. Garners should follow an annual timetable in wetlands.

  • Design outdoor living space

Having a comfortable space outside to relax and entertain company can be therapeutic. It costs less to enjoy the home from this space because it doesn’t rely on heating or cooling systems. Furthermore, shade trees have natural cooling benefits.

  • Smart water irrigation

Gallons of water wasted even during the wet season. It’s time to ditch traditional sprinklers and experience the benefits of smart water irritation. Intelligent irrigation systems make one of the most rewarding front yard landscaping investments today. These allow homeowners to control the sprinklers in an app. 

The approach one takes to front yard landscaping can make or break the design. It helps to know the potential of the topography and what is possible. Hardscapes and strategic plantings can help achieve uniformity. Landscaping ideas for the front of the house must be functional and captivating in the same breath. For the most part, it is labor-intensive. It helps to contract hired hands to complete the project faster. Professional landscapers possess invaluable expertise, hands-on training, and strategic planning experience. Budget and maintenance style are critical aspects to consider beforehand. 

Have a theme in mind? If the property has architectural limits, consider a theme that embraces these imperfections and unifies the landscape. Integrations such as geometric shapes, contours, structures, and other design elements can be challenging.  Simplification rules, so don’t overthink and add unnecessary clutter. Always design with the future in mind. Also,  prioritize the placement of hardscapes and static ornamental elements. Plants need a conducive environment to mature and flourish. Failure to achieve this promotes stunted growth, disease, pests, and a multitude of issues. There’s no harm in consulting a professional landscape designer for expert recommendations.

These trending front yard landscaping features can restore life to the most decadent spaces. Get a free quote for front yard landscaping now!