How to Safely Remove a Tree From Your Premise

Most property owners have at least a few trees in their property to provide shade and for landscaping purposes. Yet these same trees can create a lot of problems for the property owner. During heavy rainfall, windy weather or thunderstorms the trees may get uprooted damaging property, vehicles and other structures, items in the area. In other cases the branches of the trees may break off during thunderstorms causing similar damage. It will be difficult to use the property or even access it, till a firm is hired for tree removals to remove the uprooted tree or branches from the property.

Though the tree service company will remove the tree, branches broken because of thunderstorms, the property will also have to waste money for repairing the damage to the property especially if the walls are broken or vehicles are damaged. This problem can be prevented to a very great extent, by hiring the services of well trained and experienced arborists who will periodically trim the trees to remove the dead branches, so that the damage caused during thunderstorms and similar weather conditions will be reduced to a great extent. The arborists will consider the hazards caused by the tree and trim it accordingly.

When is the Right Time to Get a Tree Removed From my Property?

One of the main problems which are caused by trees is when the branches are growing very close to the electric power lines. During a storm, the branches or tree may fall on the power lines damaging them, and the electric supply to the house or property will be cut off. Additionally, animals living in the tree, like squirrels and mice may bite the power, telephone and other lines, damaging them and adversely affecting the power supply, telephone connectivity in the area. The risks of exposed power lines like electric shock are well known. Hence it is necessary to hire a competent arborist who will identify the branches and trees which are a hazard.

Another problem caused by tree branches is that they can adversely affect the plumbing and sewerage system. During a thunderstorm the branches may fall on the external pipes of the house, damaging them. This can adversely affect the water supply to the property. In other cases if the sewerage pipes are damaged, the whole area may be flooded with dirty water. The leaves of the trees may also fall on the terrace and balcony of the house and block the drainage of water. In case the property owner is unfortunate to have hostile neighbours, they may be falsely accused of causing dengue in the area due to water accumulation and threatened arrest.

What Should I Do if Trees Are Growing too Closely to my Powerlines?

If you can see that trees are growing too closely to powerlines on your property, it’s important that you don’t sweep it under the rug. The ramifications of having a tree grow too closely to powerlines can be devastating. Not only could you potentially cause a power surge, but trees branches that touch powerlines also have the potential to cause a bushfire. When this happens, the whole community is being put in danger. For this reason, when you see that a tree has grown too closely to powerlines it is of utmost importance that you call your local tree removalists. 

What Should I Do if a Tree Has Fallen Onto Powerlines?

If a tree has fallen onto your powerlines, do not attempt to clean it up on your own. Fallen powerlines are deadly and trying to handle them without the correct experience to do so poses a serious risk to your health. If you’ve spotted a tree that has fallen onto powerlines, the best thing you can do is to call your local council. The council will deploy the correct servicemen to your location to ensure that the premise is restored to a safe environment. 

How Much Will it Cost to Get a Tree Removed From my Property?

The cost of your tree removal will depend largely upon the size of the tree, the difficulty of the task and the area that you are located in. Tree removals are a difficult task. Sometimes, trees that have grown on residential properties have overhanging branches that pose the threat of falling onto your building, your neighbours fencing or local powerlines. In this situation, the arborists are going to need to use extra caution to remove the tree from your premises. As a rule of thumb, you should be expecting to cough up to $70 per hour of service for arborist hires. However, their hourly rate does not necessarily reflect how much the job will cost. 

As mentioned, the size of the tree will directly affect the cost of tree removal. A general pricing guide for tree removal is:

  • Small Trees (1-30 feet): $90-$350
  • Medium Sized Trees (30-60 feet): $200 – $700
  • Large Trees (60+ feet): $600 – $2,000

How Expensive Will it Be to Remove a Tree Stump on My Property?

Most of the time, your local tree removalists will offer stump removal services as well. It will usually cost a larger fee, but it can be well worth the extra fee. Stumps can become an unsightly tripping hazard on a residential property. SProfessional services will ensure your stumps are professionally removed, you’ll be able to simply let the grass naturally grow over the top of where the tree used to be or roll a turf. This way, it’ll be like the tree was never there and your backyard will be revitalized. 

Is There Anything Else I Need to be Aware of?

Another problem that is created when the branches of trees grow close to the windows, balcony and terrace of the house, is that it becomes very easy for the various animals living in the tree to enter the house. These squirrels, rats, mice and in some cases monkeys can eat food, damage decor, appliances, clothes and plants in the house or terrace. These animals may also eat up seeds and dig the pots to scatter the mud in the pot. Again hostile neighbours may object to the mud scattered around the pots, circulating photos all over the town or city, to damage the reputation of the property owner.

Most trees are shedding their leaves regularly, and these leaves should be cleaned from the front yard for property maintenance. If the property owner does not have time for cleaning the leaves it can affect the curb appeal of the property. Similarly, if the tree is bearing fruits, and there is no one plucking the fruits, they will all fall on the ground, making the front yard and approach road of the property messy. Hostile neighbours may complain to the local government agencies that the property is not well maintained, and is causing health problems for them, adversely affecting the reputation of the property owner.

Where Can I Find Competent Tree Removalists in Brisbane?

If you’re living in Brisbane, you’re in luck. Brisbane is home to some of Australia’s most skilful commercial and residential arborists. Due to a high degree of competition, local arborists are always willing to go above and beyond for their clients to ensure their clients are fully satisfied with their newly restored backyards. If you’re living outside of Brisbane, depending on the size of the task, tree removalists are usually willing to drive a fair distance. Of course, they will likely charge a small extra fee to compensate for their journey. However, most of the time these arborists will be more than happy to simply come and inspect your property to see whether or not their services are right for you. 

How Long Will it Take to Remove a Tree From my Property?

While removing the broken tree or branches will only take a few hours, repairing the damage to power lines, plumbing, vehicles and other items caused by the broken branches and trees will take far more time and money. Hence it is advisable to hire the services of a well trained tree service provider who will periodically inspect the trees, to check the branches and trim them if required to prevent damage to property. This will save the property owner time and money in future.